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Weekly Newsletter (30/09/2018)

By Joe Arrowsmith

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back and best of luck with the start of term!

1. Portfolio and Market Updates
Please find this week’s portfolio and market updates. (Please note: the updates are educational content and do not constitute any investment advice or recommendation to purchase or sell the investment product(s) mentioned herein.)

2. Do not forget to renew your society’s membership for free!
Even if you have had the membership of Investment Society for the previous academic year, you have to renew it for free at https://www.imperialcollegeunion.org/activities/a-to-z/investment. This is important so that you can enjoy all what is going to happen within the society this year.

3. Freshers Fair
We will be in the Mechanical Engineering foyer [ME19] (the City and Guilds building where there is the plane engine turbine) during Freshers Fair on Tuesday from 11am to 4pm. Feel free to come and see us, we will be glad to welcome you and answer any burning questions you might have!

4. Building your Career at the City and Beyond by 33 St James’s
The firm 33 St James’s will come to Imperial on the 1st of November at 6.15pm with several external speakers from the financial services industry to explain the different roles that are available in the industry, what a good application for spring and summer internships looks like and a small presentation about creating a start-up. Free registration will go live on Monday 1st October at 6pm U.K. time here. We expect the places to be sold out quickly! Membership required.

5. Investors Challenge 2018-2019
The first ICIS Investors Challenge is now open for registration! Simply sign up for free with a team of up to 4 members here. This is going to be a long-term trading challenge where your team will be free to take positions on various assets and manage your own portfolio. Registrations close on 17 Oct 2018 at 11pm. The best team will win £50 worth of prizes! This is also an opportunity to get exposure to the financial markets and add something relevant to your resume. Membership required.

6. Campus Capital and start-up events
We would like to kindly remind that Campus Capital will come to Imperial mid-November, more information to follow. They have opportunities, notably a student VC role which may interest those of you interested by entrepreneurship. Please let us know if you are interested here, some of you have already filled this form from a previous email. Membership required.

7. Mentorship Programme
We would first like to thank all of you who have signed up to become mentors and help students who would like to start a career in finance. You can still become a mentor here. The signups for becoming a mentee will be live soon, stay tuned! This is a fantastic opportunity if you would like to apply to Spring Weeks, Summer Internships or Graduate Jobs and have advice from someone who already got through the process. Membership required.

8. Temasek Opportunities
Temasek are actively reaching out to undergraduates who are keen on internship opportunities, a Singapore-based investment company with a portfolio of £167 billion, invested in various sectors across public and private markets. We are offering opportunities in our offices globally, including New York, San Francisco, London and Singapore.
More details on our London Networking Dinner and 2019 Associate Internship Programme can be found in the attached pdfs, including application links (see email). Note that our internship application closes on 21 Oct 2018.

9. D. E. Shaw Group Opportunities
D. E. Shaw are now accepting applications for internships and full-time roles. If you’re not familiar with the D. E. Shaw group, we’re a global investment and technology development firm with a culture that combines some of the best aspects of finance, technology, and academia. If you’d like to learn more, we’ll also be at Imperial College of London this fall. Check out our campus calendar for more information.

We hope you enjoy the content and are all looking forward to a rewarding year in Imperial and with ICIS!

Kind regards,
Joe Arrowsmith
President – Investment Society