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Weekly Newsletter (12/08/2018)

By Imperial College Investment Society, Joe Arrowsmith

Hi everyone,

It has been a busy week for us and have a lot to share with you.

  1. Market and Portfolio Updates

As has been the case since the start of summer, we are here with the weekly market and portfolio updates.
(Please refer to our email newsletters for the articles. Please note that the updates are educational content and do not constitute as such investment advice or recommendation to purchase or sell the investment products mentioned herein.)

  1. Society Magazine

We are currently reviewing and accepting articles for the society magazine. This is a great opportunity to showcase your knowledge and increase your employability. Sponsors and recruiters frequently ask for copies of the magazines. Please get in touch via the society email icu.investmentsociety@imperial.ac.uk if you would like to contribute to this. If you wish articles can also be posted anonymously.

  1. Membership Sign Up

It's that time of the year again, the union memberships have reset. To access the events we have coming up this academic year, please become a society member through the link https://www.imperialcollegeunion.org/activities/a-to-z/investment. It's free.

Please note, only members will be able to access the benefits of the society.

  1. Mentors Sign Up

This academic year, we will be introducing a mentorship scheme to younger students during freshers. This is to provide advice from entering the investment and financial world to managing their careers within. We are currently looking for mentors to sign up, and would greatly appreciate this contribution back to the society.

We welcome society alumnus and senior members to contribute to this scheme via the link below:

  1. New Website

We have been busy building a website for the society, this is a great opportunity for your work to have a more lasting contribution. Currently, you can find committee members' articles and contact details. More updates to come.

  1. International Trip

Some eagle eyes might have noticed a post we liked recently. More information will be following soon.



We would also like to use this opportunity to send a friendly reminder to all members that the application season is coming up and it would be a great idea to start preparing for it.

That is all for now, have a great week.

Kind regards,

Joe Arrowsmith
Investment Society President