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Summer Update

By Imperial College Investment Society, Joe Arrowsmith

Hey Everyone!

A big congratulations to everyone for completing the academic year and we hope you are having fun during your summer break. This email serves as a welcome back for the next academic year (18/19) and more importantly, to share the committee’s exciting plans for the year ahead.

  1. Incoming Committee
    President – Joe Arrowsmith
    CIO – Isaac Zhu
    Vice President – Samuel Martín Frías
    Editor in Chief – Thomas Alston
    Secretary – Nigel Choo
    Treasurer – Pierre Moutounet-Cartan
    Vice President Events – Sean Chai
    Vice President Marketing & Sponsorships – Harry Zou
    Vice President Technology – Jerry Li
    Vice President Technology – Tom Miller

  2. Summer Emails
    We aim to keep members updated with the markets and the society’s activities throughout the summer. We will send an email every week which will include the following (as they come):
    • Market Updates
    • Portfolio Updates
    • Opinion Piece(s)
    • Additional Resources (Academic Papers/ Financial Times/ Bloomberg)
    • Sponsors’ content
    • Future/Upcoming Activities Reminders.

  3. Weekly Meetings & Panopto
    The society will strive to keep weekly meetings running throughout the academic year. This will be the best way for all members to keep up-to-date with market news and continuously expand our knowledge. We would highly recommend anyone to attend consistently throughout the year and look forward to seeing all of you there!
    We are also currently in discussion with the college to arrange for Panopto to be introduced to our weekly meetings.

  4. Present Imperial
    Inclusivity is a huge value in ICIS. In the coming academic year, we will continue to strive towards a more diverse membership base. We will be supporting the disability initiative ‘Present Imperial’ to enable our disabled members to improve their communication skills.

  5. Mentor Programme
    This year, we will be introducing the mentor programme; pairing up Imperial Alumnus in the financial sector with current students. As a mentee, you would stand to gain deeper insights into the industry and enjoy an incredible networking opportunity. Full details of the programme will be disseminated closer to the start of AY 18/19.

That’s it for now. From the rest of the committee of ICIS, we hope you have a fantastic summer and we look forward to welcoming everyone back for the inaugural welcome event and weekly meetings!

Kind regards,

Joe Arrowsmith
Incoming President – Investment Society